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Studio Job

It´s been months since "Glamour Factory"  Viktor and rolf show came out;  We´ve seen them dusting off the HC 1999 concept, starring the former model Maggie Rizer; Now Kristen McMenamy rocked (teetering out) the runway

They´ve left that spectation feeling for the spring show. Meanwhile, I cant stop watching over and over the incredible performance where V&R removed McMenami´s clothes and dressed the other models with them, this show makes me feel a sense of excitement and aticipation, always happen!
One of the most memorable things  (beside the performance) was absolutely the ´factory´ background by Studio Job; They know how to match the incredible artwork of clothing with an amazing scenography.

When I heard the cogs and spindles chugging sound, the first thing came to my mind was the Madonna´s show. 

Was that a statement? I dont think so, it´s just a note.

Job and Nynke are also responsible of the massive Svarosky globe from "Cutting edge couture" collection.

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