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Back To The Future

As you know, the Doc Brown and Marty McFly just got here (the Future) 46 days ago, which made me wonder about all the prediction of the Zemeckis's 'Back To The Future' trilogy. I´ve found other predictions, specifically in fashion.

Here you have this video depiciting what designers thought the 2000 fashion would look like.
Note the 0:48 dress, the first thing came into my mind was the Alexander Wang LBD from past seasons (yes, the photographed to death one)
A curious note: The original Marty Mcfly´s sneakers were actually released. The nike hyperdunks are  may be the closest Back to de future saga fans will ever get to the mythological pair. The shoes come in a grey base, speckled outsole, light blue highlights and a subtle blue netting that sets these apart from the original ones.

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Rue des Modèles said...

I love that Missy shot =)