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Let me place you in the situation:
You are a student from a typographic design school. Before finish, you got an scholarship in one of the most memorable fashion houses, sounds pretty good, but doesnt end here.
Supouse Mr. Mcqueen ask you to make one of those rainbow kaleidoscope-esque prints, a signature of the brand. Now you´ve imagined that situation,  Imagine that your print will be on one of the most coveraged dresses of the season. Of course an opportunity, all of us, working in fashion industry (what I´m saying?? Its McQueen house! the entire design industry!) would love to have. BUT this chance is not for every one; It´s not a fact of luck, this is just for the most talented , and Nina Jua Klein belongs to that gang.
Here you have some pics from her work, enjoy it as I did.

We are completely sure she´s going to take the design world by storm.

What we liked most?.
"Sound of a News Paper"  for its subtleness  and the nonchalance elegance that caracterizes her work.
Such a performance!

Who wore it better?
Beth Ditto FOR SURE.
Click on the image bellow to watch the video.

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