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The Legacy

Pics from Style.com and alexandermcqueen.com

It´s been months since Sarah Burton took over the reins on McQueen´s fashion house, even we saw her work on past collections, resort and pre-fall, turning the whimsy, sparkled and dramatic McQueen´s art pieces, into commercial but Alexander-ish beautiful clothes. Now after being named the creative director of what I think would be the most difficult job by far, Sarah got through the task assigned, the result: An astounding and chic collection, with pieces all the cool girls will be clamoring to have.... there´s a super plus on it: the house´s DNA was absolutely present on every piece; The collection seems to be done with a lot of respect for McQueen pasts collections, it seems like Sarah took her favorite fashion moments and codes, never trying to stand out over the masters work, instead, she took a bow and what we saw on the lookbook was totally gorgeous:

McQueen´s esthetic structure and silhouette was strengthened and lifted, The hips and the angular exaggeration of woman’s body was present, architectural hips, made by folded-pattern skirts and armed shoulders were present (I think, if a garment has skeleton, those clothes would be the clearer representation of it. So where can we start? Let´s see what Alla has to show us.

The Japanese woodblock prints and samurai belts (the half-leather half-metallic belt with a square bow, reminds me the belts on the “LA DAME BLEUE” spring 2008 show)

The embellished strong football shoulder pads: we´ve seen them on several shows, the first came into my mind were those hand painted from “It´s only a game” 2005 collection.

Total black with leather.

Bullion embroidery



The final red dress.


Sleeves or cape? This simple detail, makes a super tailored-chic-chic look

This lacquered raffia and organza dress reminds me the one Tanya wore on the last collection, in white with folded cuffs.

I´m so into her work, I dare to say the legacy is safe in the British designer hands.

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