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Alek Wek is one of my favourite models from mid-aughties, for some reason, I was hypnotized by her, not just for her extreme beauty but something in her personality made her so special to me; shall I say her humbleness? or the fairytale story of how succeded ending up being one of the most demanded faces from past seasons? Or may be an article on the American Vogue were she stands out, the most important thing for her was her family- as I do -. I dont know.
That´s why I just couldn´t stop thinking in Ajak since I first saw her, Beside the fact both look so alike, I´ve loved every editorial, every walk, and every picture off the runway. I really hope to see her on Paris Vogue cover, or in Meisel´s hands on the Italian one, What do you think? 
Will this gorgeous be the next  Alek Wek?

My favourite pic.
Taken from Hanneli´s blog.

Alek Wek

Ajak Deng


Work it Raquel!

JOIE DE VIVRE by Ruth Hogben is the title of the Garet Pugh´s fall 2010 collection video where Raquel Zimmerman rocks the neoprene garments and shows off her performer skills.
On past videos, the whole Gareth´s concept seemed to be more experimental, cool, but still just-for-mavins like;  this one is absolutely more dinamic as the collection was. Simon Costin defined the collection as: Poetically industrial. I still think, Pugh would be one of the best choises after Sarah for McQueen´s  succession throne.
Like Tim Blanks said: First Gareth tried to scare us, now he is trying to seduce us.
He´s got it!

I  declare myself fan!. (Raquel´s fan, not Gareth)


Before the dirty-looking stones.

Just look at her, so shinny and beautiful;  just got to see the set and the massive shoulder pads to notice its been years; This is How Naomi Campbell looked like, 24 years ago. She stills look smoking hot actually; No one would guess, the arrogant and agressive Brit model,would be at the heart of the blood-Diamonds trial. I bet she curses the day she met the former Liberian leader Charles Tayor - and I must say, this is no game-  he has charges for: rape, murder and enslavement for his alleged role on the ten-year civil war in Sierra Leone, that claimed more than one hundred lives. I truly believe if she would know so, she wouldn´t  have accepted the famous pouch, would she?

 I must advice Naomi: Choose better your clients friends.

I must advice you guys: Don´t worry too much for her, I´m completely sure she´s  sippin a bubb somewhere in Manhattan or Saint-Tropez right now.

I must say:
If it weren't for the supermodel sideshow, the world's press wouldn't be interested in this trial AT ALL.

I must admit: I´m so NOT into her, I think she´s a jerk. BUT in fashion, she is the top of the tops; since started modeling, her  career have had a non-stop journey through this dense industry, and this is what  matters, the clear example of a fashion tough cookie  :).


Steven Not Klein.

There´s no any fashion photographer in the entire industry I like most than Steven Meisel; every editorial, every single cover and ads, are a mix of his personallity and his clever-wit fashion approach, which makes  them so special and so recognozible (such as  hues, subjects, the muse thing, and the fact of being so immerse in fashion industry)  All those things make an explosive combo, that in my humble opinion It´s translated over one word:


Water and Oil, his last shooting for the Italian version of Vogue ( for which he has shot every cover since 1988) Stars an agonizing Kristen McMenamy playing an oil-sliked bird roll for the controversial editorial  inspired by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. There´s no better representation of such an unfortunated ecological matter. Editorials like this one, make Meisel to be always on the spotlight, he is used to the splitted opinions though. Just look back; When editorial State of emergency prompted  some watchdog journalists it had just the aim of incitatating violence against women, or what about the fabulous book launched with the word SEX on cover, which had images and videos like taken from a sixties home video, where the main character (God save the queen) shows off with any less than a pair of stilettos, asking someone to take her for a ride, while a young Naomi Campbell appeared playing around and dancing in her birthday suit.

Meisel´s editorials  go from  controversy -subjects like war, cruising, or rape-  to a very soft and pink pop topics like social network, the caricaturization of an old fashion catwalk, or even paying tribute to Top models, (still mad at him for not including Freha)

Meisel knows how to get attention, and it is not rare, this gentleman -Former Marc Jacobs illustrator teacher, Ana Sui, Sprouse + and no end of models friend- takes the word Reinvention as his own philosohy, word introduced by him to Madonna herself…. That´s it! I got an epiphany! Steven Meisel is The Madonna of Fashion Photography!

Curious note:
On vogue´s may 2009 issue- Model as Muse- Madonna declares, Steven Maisel introduced her the  philosophy of Reinvention.  That´s the reason for the 2004 tour concept.



Isn´t this perfect?


My Favourite combo: Meisel+KristenMcmenamy

Fashions Night Out!

Full Coverage, Coming Soon!
Loved Lily´s accent.
Liya looks astounding.
Lara´s tits! OMG.
The Abbie bob is AWSOME.
Karlie´s face is completely different when smiling.
Channel Iman:  After watching that painful Fox interview (about Victoria´s Secret bra) where acted like a complete moron, I felt sort of shame for her. beautiful as always.


Was Your First Job like This?

I didn´t meant to be pretentious with the subjet, but judge yourself; a 14 year old girl, well known from all of us, polished her fashion resume and made her styling debut in the September issue of BlackBook, in which she dressed model Christine Staub ¡Just one year older than her! (the shooting looked like they were hanging around and dressing with mom´s  frocks after school).
Personally, I think she did great; It was so Tavi, so wistful, clamping things on to different parts of the outfits, even the native american dream catcher seen several times on her blog, and as always, a beautiful sunny day.


My favourite Enchanted Doll.

Strong precision, 34 cm of beauty and more than 400 hours of craftwork, with prices starting from
1400 to 7000.
Dubbed by it´s creator Marina Bichkova as "Enchanted Dolls" they actually are; you just have to look at the details; for obvious reasons this pieces are on a higher level, than just for playing. They don’t deserve any less than being on a museum shelf, away from the "little monster´s" hands like Gaga say.
There is an special reason of why did I wanted to share these dolls. To remind you, fashion lovers, to someone I couldn’t stop thinking the first time I saw them, A girl I miss, that is and will always be, one of my all-time favorite models:

Gemma Ward.

Before mentioned her I wanted to put something representative, something that make you guys remember how she was and still is, an enchanted girl from another world.
It would be kind of dumb to say or ask, Gemma where are you? Not on the fashion spot right now, for obvious reasons as you might know, and even the curvy models are back (well…I wouldn’t say back. four, six or seven at Prada and Vuitton, auhhmmm the Sports Illustrated cover  girl Lily Cole at Hermés? and…. Kristen McMenamy at CK counts? Don´t think so, she is just old but still lanky framed; think that, besides Mark Fast I haven´t way seen a brand new cast of rounded faces, just former models, and models that have got some punds but already famous) well, like I was saying, even the curvy models are "back" the title of "curvy" is only deserved for those who got that reputation gaining weight being "active" whether is Lara Stone, or Coco Rocha (May God have mercy on our souls before see them ending up as Victoria´s angels) Others, like Crystal Renn, have always had the label (by the way… she is loosing so much weight, watch your back Sasha!) which makes me think to not be hoped on seeing Gemma on that gang.
It is such a shame to write in Google "Gemma" and before finish writing her name, automatically is displayed the word FAT. Lets be honest, right now, Gemma is healthier than ever, and she looks great and beautiful; Yet, the"beautiful" word doesn´t match with what some designers like Nicolas Ghèsquiere, or Alber Elbaz (I dare to say, we´ll never see a single big tit on their shows) get by. Having said that, sad but true: Health in fashion argot means FAT. In any case, I’m so happy for her.

Summing up: Gema, wherever you are, you will always be a fashion Icon for us, what Penelope Tree was for the sixties, So is Gemma for the aughties.

Curious Note:
Gemma is lined up to play a mermaid on the fourth installment of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. I´ve always knew there was something a little fishy about her.

34 cm de belleza y precisión, más de 400 horas de trabajo, y precios que pueden oscilar entre los 1400 y 7000 euros. Son las "Encanted dolls", creadas por Marina Bichkova que como su nombre lo indica, son unas muñecas encantadoras que van mas allá de su proposito fundamental, el del juego. Solo hay que ver los detalles para saber que están a otro nivel, y es que, no merecen menos que estar expuestas en un Museo  alejadas de esos "pequeños monstruitos"  como diría la Gaga.
Tengo un objetivo muy especial al mostrarles estas muñecas, el de recordarles a ustedes amantes de la moda a alguien la cual no evite dejar de pensar la primera vez que las vi, a una persona que yo extraño y que es y será siempre, una de mis modelos favoritas de todos los tiempos:
Gemma Ward
Antes de hablar de ella quería poner algo representativo que les hiciera recordarla como lo que es, un encanto de otro mundo .
Sería un poco necio preguntar o decir, Gemma ¿dónde estas? Las razones son obvias. Y aunque las curvy models están de vuelta (hombre... por siete en Prada y otras siete en Louis Vuitton tampoco podemos jactarnos de una "nueva generación") creo que eso habrá que dejárselo a quienes se han dado a conocer por ello, esa suerte de ser aceptada después de haber ganado unos kilos, solamente la tienen Lara Stone, o Coco Rocha, (Dios nos guarde la hora en el que aparezcan en un desfile de Victoria´s Secret) y otras ostentan el titulo por siempre haber sido una curvy icon como Crystal Renn (que esta adelgazando tanto que le recomiendo a Sasha que se cuide las espaldas)
Es una vergüenza poner en Google "Gemma" y antes de terminar de escribir, aparezca la palabra "FAT", pero las cosas como son:  la señorita Ward esta màs sana que nunca, es bella tal y como es, aunque para algunos diseñadores como Nicolas Ghèsquiere o Alber Elbaz, la palabra bella no concuerde lo que para ellos el adjetivo significa. Dicho esto, triste pero cierto: en el argot Fashion, la palabra Sano es igual a Gordo.
Gemma, esté donde esté, siempre va a ser un ícono de moda, lo que Penelope Tree fue para los sesenteros, Gemma lo es, para nosotros, los dosmileros.

¡Por cierto! Le han dado el papel de sirena en la cuarta peli de "Los piratas del Caribe" ya decia yo, siempre le vi algo pescaduno a esta mujer.


Studio Job

It´s been months since "Glamour Factory"  Viktor and rolf show came out;  We´ve seen them dusting off the HC 1999 concept, starring the former model Maggie Rizer; Now Kristen McMenamy rocked (teetering out) the runway

They´ve left that spectation feeling for the spring show. Meanwhile, I cant stop watching over and over the incredible performance where V&R removed McMenami´s clothes and dressed the other models with them, this show makes me feel a sense of excitement and aticipation, always happen!
One of the most memorable things  (beside the performance) was absolutely the ´factory´ background by Studio Job; They know how to match the incredible artwork of clothing with an amazing scenography.

When I heard the cogs and spindles chugging sound, the first thing came to my mind was the Madonna´s show. 

Was that a statement? I dont think so, it´s just a note.

Job and Nynke are also responsible of the massive Svarosky globe from "Cutting edge couture" collection.



Let me place you in the situation:
You are a student from a typographic design school. Before finish, you got an scholarship in one of the most memorable fashion houses, sounds pretty good, but doesnt end here.
Supouse Mr. Mcqueen ask you to make one of those rainbow kaleidoscope-esque prints, a signature of the brand. Now you´ve imagined that situation,  Imagine that your print will be on one of the most coveraged dresses of the season. Of course an opportunity, all of us, working in fashion industry (what I´m saying?? Its McQueen house! the entire design industry!) would love to have. BUT this chance is not for every one; It´s not a fact of luck, this is just for the most talented , and Nina Jua Klein belongs to that gang.
Here you have some pics from her work, enjoy it as I did.

We are completely sure she´s going to take the design world by storm.

What we liked most?.
"Sound of a News Paper"  for its subtleness  and the nonchalance elegance that caracterizes her work.
Such a performance!

Who wore it better?
Beth Ditto FOR SURE.
Click on the image bellow to watch the video.