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Was Your First Job like This?

I didn´t meant to be pretentious with the subjet, but judge yourself; a 14 year old girl, well known from all of us, polished her fashion resume and made her styling debut in the September issue of BlackBook, in which she dressed model Christine Staub ¡Just one year older than her! (the shooting looked like they were hanging around and dressing with mom´s  frocks after school).
Personally, I think she did great; It was so Tavi, so wistful, clamping things on to different parts of the outfits, even the native american dream catcher seen several times on her blog, and as always, a beautiful sunny day.

1 comment:

pixiedust8 said...

I didn't see (obviously couldn't hear) her ordering anyone around, but more power to her if she did. Most teenage girls can't do that, and many grown women can't do that.

She does look like Michelle Williams, actually, who I think is really cute.