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An Amusing Muse

As seen in 1991 then in 1994. Check the videos.
Love and  Rasta Romantic were the Jean Paul Gaultier´s statements for his 1991 spring show. A young Jean Paul doing what he does best, a theatrical runway with a lot of madness and sense of humor. I found it amusing, first: The Tim Blanks coverage! (Its been years fellas), and the defying old fashioned catwalks,  always trying to push out the boundaries. Mr.  JPG,  wasn´t  the exception.

We´ve seen him always adding  that special spark to his shows (e.g.Coco Rocha picking a fight, a super big model,  or celebrities such as Inès de la Fressange, Madonna, Ditta Von Teese and so on.) 

what I liked most of the first video, was to see that crazy grandma, the the Madonna´s Dancer so in vogue at the early nineties,  and our favorite supra tutte le cose: Rosi De Palma… she knows how to rock the runway!  Specially on the second video with that "shake it, shake it señorita" thing.

Curious note:
Nicolas Ghesquière probably would be serving coffe to JPG staff at that time, read the full interview here, where  he relates when he was just a rookie on Mr. Gaultier´s atelier.

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roberto said...

Que show con la rosi esta. no me extraña que esté en un desfile de gaultier. ella siempre entre los grandes.