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Alek Wek is one of my favourite models from mid-aughties, for some reason, I was hypnotized by her, not just for her extreme beauty but something in her personality made her so special to me; shall I say her humbleness? or the fairytale story of how succeded ending up being one of the most demanded faces from past seasons? Or may be an article on the American Vogue were she stands out, the most important thing for her was her family- as I do -. I dont know.
That´s why I just couldn´t stop thinking in Ajak since I first saw her, Beside the fact both look so alike, I´ve loved every editorial, every walk, and every picture off the runway. I really hope to see her on Paris Vogue cover, or in Meisel´s hands on the Italian one, What do you think? 
Will this gorgeous be the next  Alek Wek?

My favourite pic.
Taken from Hanneli´s blog.

Alek Wek

Ajak Deng


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Alan@ said...

Alek has her place, Ajak is stunning but she´s working to get hers, so there´s space for both.
I cant wait to see her on ParVogue too.

BB said...

I agree, they have very similar features. Both have a very unique beauty.