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I don´t know what you guys think, but since the summer girl, Freja,  changed her hair cut, the bumb just exploted! what didn´t happened to Agyness (I mean before ditching that hideous black hair ) Now the girl with the lanky frame body is everywhere.

We´ve seen Freja  on British Vogue, ID, Vogue París etc. And Now on the Korea´s september issue Vogue cover, one of our favorites so far.

About Agyness, don´t hate me, I have to clear: her brand new Sinéad  O'Connor´s hair cut is bringging her BACK fiercer than ever, I´m so into it and I think is totally right. I´ll write a post about it, wait till I get my hands on V mag.

Curious Note:
It´s been said  Freja dated Irina Lazareanu and Catherin McNeal. Such a hotties!


Rue des Modèles said...

OMG I love Freja and I love your blog!!

TLS said...

Thank you, this blog is yours.

We love people that love fashion.