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Mrs. Extra! Extra! this just in.

Takashi Murakami is one of my favourite graphic designers; I´ll be honest, I didn´t know him, till I saw his work for Vuitton many years ago, and I found it unique.
Now, when I firs saw the POP september issue cover, I instantly knew it had something to do with him.
It´s landed by someone that has been dragged over the coals on past years, and effortlessly has pulished her resume with embarrassing TV appearances, courtroom battles and even, what I call, her best performance so far:
a bizarre manic episode known for everyone that includes the words "shave" and "head". Yes it´s Mrs. "Oh my god that Britney´s shameless"
The cover comes in a colorful design, typical of a chinese candy wrapper, stars of course the not that inoccent Britney, striking almost the same pose as she did in her first single cover, that sort of took me to the late nineties or early aughties in which manga and fun chinese references were extremely in vogue.
I found it tottally right, I liked it a lot actually. 

Two Questios for you.
Should I be worried?
Can you spot the 10 differences?

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Antonio said...

A mi también me gusta la portada. Britney hasta parece buena. Solo encontré una diferencia: el collar de "perlas"

BB said...

OMG, the last picture of Britney is so scary. She looks like a serial killer. About the cover, is so cool!! So different from all covers in this month!