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Color, color, color.

Looking for something  that could come in handy for the blog, I´ve spent some time rummaging through my mag shelf, I found one of my all-time favorite issues. The Barbie Issue from Vogue Italy 2009. It has put a smile upon my face again, it is not just amazig, is very touching though. All photographs from the mini spreads landed by Barbie (I´m absolutely not into that doll, its not I dont like it, it´s just that has become kind of dolls cliché, monopolizing in fact) and what I found very interesting and totally right, was all of them were black: other thing I loved about the edition, is that it was titled as "The Barbie Issue", It didn´t said "the black barbie issue" or stuff like that, it´s just read "the barbie issue". What I´m traying to say with that? Well... why  is still on this days so damn overstandig the color of skin on many publications?
Hally Berry, on Vogue´s september issue  cover…. Another black covergirl, What a revolution!?! Hurray? Are they kidding? What a revolution just for being black?! Is a thing that I cannot stand! Really. 
I remember watching the R.J. Cutler Documental "The september issue", the scene when Anna and her  daughter were revisiting all those tons of september magazines, then Anna took one of those with Naomi on cover then said: "That was controversial" like saying "im a hero, brave, and foward looking, the super editor in chief that saves the world just for letting a black girl land the september cover"  I´ll be honest, she acted like she was a sacred cow and that pointing, in my opinion, was so tasteless. So by now what is she trying with Halle? Is she trying to "be controversial" again? I´m gonna say what that cover  means to me: I think that Anna wanted to be a hero for a minute on the late eighties, and have let pass all this years til now and just for selling more magz, accepted to play the roll of "super equal editor" again, putting Halle Berry on the cover, and right! Who can ever decline that offer? This is just wrong.
I dont know if she has no memory, but the magazine which she take over the reins every day, has sidelined black girls, yes: Anna has sidelined black woman, just have let land the cover to the super VIP´s (those came into your mind, starting by the first lady) and please, don´t tell me, Anna was the first to put one on the cover, I know that: on that years she needed attention, as she needs it now- you can see how conservative they still are: Halle is the second black girl landing a september issue, and the 14th In the entire magazine history. You´ve read it well: 14 black girls on the entire history of american VOGUE. Can you belive that? And by the way...,Halle is suposed to be a black woman, isn´t she? Well judge yourself, to me she  looks a few shades lighter. I can perfectly picture Anna….. Upper, upper, up, up, ok that´s it, you are the best Mario.
The cover is for the one girl that deserves it, for being who she is, not for the color of her skin.

What does Brooke Shields has given to the fashion world beside the blue lagoon? The CK billboards? May be her fans will hate me, but let´s be honest, how many? None came into my mind. I just remember her last TV serie that I must say, is so painfull to watch.
Now…. How many fashion moments has Grace Jones given us?
Brooke Shields (ew) American Vogue Covers: one million.
Grace (the wonderful) Jones, American Vogue covers:  0

Im really glad Halle is the september cover girl, my first glance was: WOW she is just amazing, so sharp..but I´ll be really really glad when media stops pointing out the motif, including myself.

P.S. I´ve bought the mag, (I fell into Anna´s cobwebb) I´m of those clinged to their monthly paper media.  I´m kind of grasped actually. I´m too weak, but im working on that.

P.S. 2 Is the last time I´m writing a post this long. the next will be short, and frivolous as I´ve done so far. dont know, may be I´ll talk about Freja again.

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Antonio said...

Totalmente de acuerdo, todavía hay muchos complejos (por llamarlos de alguna manera). Hally se ve "descafeinada" en la portada.
Quien es Brooke Shields ?

leo said...

a freaking slut.