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Sasha at her best.

There´s an old cliché about soccer players and models: both are dumb.
I have to disagree:

Flipping throug my Spanish ELLE mag (yes, The one with the fab fashion book included) I found some clippings of what I think is the beggining of something huge. Just take a look on this paintings and stop thiking models are.
Sasha Pivovarova is one of the most photographed faces today; I won´t point in how many campaings, fashion shows or ads she´s landed; would be kind of silly, I Just wanted to share her work, and advice you to prep for the newcomer artist.

Curious note:
All paintings are self-portraits.


Antonio said...

Me gusta el trabajo de Sasha y la verdad si sorprende en un principio, es cierto que siempre se piensa que las modelos son "tontas", que sólo saben andar por las pasarelas y posar en las fotos . Los futbolistas todavía me tienen que demostrar que es un cliché.

Tonio said...

has dicho cha cha?