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Nicole Phelps

Have you ever wonder who´s behind the great reviews, everybody gobble up each season at Style.com?
Well here´s a clue:
This brit journalist, Nicole Phelps; rocking an utterly great outfit. The thing is I can´t fathom what she´s doing with her blackberry, may be is messaging Tim blanks, or Meenal Mistry... "-A tough season huh? A little hard to say the same thing in different ways… especially on NYFY, but, that´s what we aim for. Regards my friend. Nicole-"
P.S. We will always have Paris.

Pic from stockholm streetstyle

Se han puesto a pensar quién está detrás de las reseñas que todo mundo engulle cada temporada en Style.com?
Una Pista:
La periodista Británica Nicole Phelps, con un look simplemente acertado. Lo que no se es que hace con su Black, quizás está enviando mensajes a sus colegas; Tim o Meenal: -“ Una temporada dura ¿no crees? Es duro decir lo mismo de diferentes maneras, especialmente en NY; pero pa eso estamos hijo… Un saludo. Nicole”.


Bohemian said...

Great outfit, I'm in love with her bag!

CARLOS said...

hola me gustan tus comentarios son muy acertados. hasta pronto.

P......... said...

I love her reviews, and that´s true, it would be so hard to say different things for such a flat-simple ny collections.

Ana said...

I also love her reviews. She always has the right words for every collection.
About her outfit I’m in love with her pants and shirt, all the combination is awesome!!