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Have you seen the movie Gia starring Angelina Jolie and Faye Dunaway, of course about the super model Gia Marie Carangi? Well, it was very touching, wasn’t it? even is that kind of the afternoon movies, based on real dramas and stuff -and went straight to home video, never been released it on theatres- .I loved it just for the only fact, it was fashion related. Well, the main roll of this post won’t be Gia; Is, the agent who took care of her like her own mother would:
Wilhelmina Cooper.

Has visto la Peli de Gia, donde sale Angelina Jolie y Faye Dunaway, obvio acerca de la súper modelo Gia Marie Carangi? Bueno… muy conmovedora no? Aunque es una de esas películas de sábado por la tarde, basadas en hechos reales -y que nunca son estrenadas en el cine- Me gustó mucho simplemente por el hecho de tener relación con la moda, nada más. Pues bueno, la protagonista de este post, no es Gia, si no su agente, que cuido de ella como si de una hija se tratase:
Wilhelmina Cooper.

Melodie Monrose: 49 shows this season, she is the new girl in the “gang”.
Jon Kortajarena: The Spanish male model with such a recognizable face.
Lydia Hearst, Lauren Hutton, IMAN, Anjelica Huston have one thing in common, they´ve started, or they are sill represented by Wilhelmina models.

Melodie Monrose: una de las caras mas fotografiadas esta temporada; nada mas y nada menos que 49 pasarelas.
Jon Kortajarena: Uno de los modelos españoles mas conocidos en el mundo entero.
Lydia Hearst, Lauren Hutton, IMAN, Anjelica Huston.
Todos ellos tienen algo en común; comenzaron sus carreras o bien aún pertenecen a Wilhelmina Models.
Melodie Monrose, IMAN and Wilhelmina on the mid 60´s

Wilhelmina Models Lauren Hutton early years by Avedon

On her early years, Wilhemina´s career wasn’t about taking over the reins of an agency, she was a model, a Ford model actually, that with several covers on her back -27 vogue covers- the girl decided to fund her own, thus Wilhelmina Cooper, funded the one bearing her name; Hers and Ford where the most important  on those years, by now has been very successful with male models, like Jon Kortajarena or Noah Mills whose faces you will find on every billboard of Tom Ford or Dolce ads. Also the most memorable models like the before mentioned Gia Marie Carangi that after Wilhelmina’s dead in 1980, made a leap to Ford, then Elite.
To get money for drugs? Yes.

Sad but true. She died two or three years later :S

En sus Primeros años, la carrera de Wilhelmina no solo se trataba de tomar las riendas de una de las agencias de modelos mas importantes de todos los tiempos, ella era simplemente una modelo, una modelo Ford de hecho;  así pues, con varias portadas a sus espaldas -tan solo en Vogue, 27- decidió fundar la suya propia, Funda entonces la que lleva su nombre, ésta y Ford se convertirían entonces en las mas poderosas en aquellos años, ahora le ha ido muy bien con los modelos masculinos como Jon Kortajarena, o Noah Mills, cuyos rostros nos suenan de campañas para Tom Ford o Dolce, así como los rostros mas memorables como la antes mencionada Gia Carangi, que después de la muerte de Wily en el ochenta, se fue a Ford y después a Elite; que para conseguir dinero para drogas? pues que Si.
Triste pero cierto, duró dos o tres años a partir de ahí :S
Wilhelmina Models Gia Marie Carangi

Wilhelmina Models Jon Kortajarena and Noah Mills Tom Ford ADS


Mary Ko. said...

I love your blog, your posts, your blog's style

<3 Thanx for your comment


El mundo de Emily said...

Es un bello post....!! muchas gracias por pasarte por mi blog..! te sigoooooooooooo..! tienes un blog genial..!

Shebelle said...

Too bad she died too young. -/

Tonio said...

Yes, she was really young, very very sad ending; nobody in fashion industry went to her funeral, just Scavullo sent a note a couple of weeks later. one word: SADNESS.
Mary Ko.
This is your blog! thank you so much.
Emily, Muchas gracias!, la verdad es que paso muy seguido :)

Ana said...

Nice!!!! Love Gia pictures..

Dlife said...

sad story but very intersting to read,common to many others hystorical models'agencies diappeared nowdays

Anonymous said...

Gia Marie Carangi died in 1986, she was 26 years old and died of Aids-related complications: her body broke down. She had already been out of the fashion limelight quite a long time, but noone seemed to question why or where she had gone. The "fashion world" found out about her death, and the illness, through rumours and such long after she had passed.

See the documentary "An American Girl, the Tragedy of Supermodel Gia Carangi", or read Stephen Frieds biography "Thing of Beauty" for more accurate details than the HBO movie "Gia". Jolie interprets her very well, but it is only based on Gias story and does not give you correct information on her life.

Tonio said...

It´s been a long since I wrote this.
And I have to say, this is such a great comment. I´ll keep the post as in the beginning, but I´d like to keep your comment to make people think and to encourage to looking for more info.
Its so unfortunated you are Anonymous, I´de like to keep an open dialogue. Contact me:


Thank you.